Art of Stone is a Northamptonshire based Dry Stone walling/ Stone Masonry, enterprise. We specialise in fixing and worked stone alongside traditional dry stone walling and mortared walling.

We use the ancient art of dry stone walling to create traditional walls and sculpture, reflecting the craftsmanship of yester year.

Art of Stone supplies worked stone (carved) and Ashlar to rubble walling. Selected to match existing buildings and blend in with the natural environment, including windows, chimneys and dry stone walling accommodating all features.

Technique and professional standards go hand in hand with the traditional, giving you the outstanding finish that will last for generations. Dry stone walling can accommodate numerous features such as arches, stiles, benches and decorative walling including tree’s or a design of your choice.

Choosing a dry stone or mortared wall, using the correct workmanship and practice can last at least a century maybe more. Dry walls also give the wild life a safe haven, birds, mice and a myriad of insects can all benefit not to mention moss’s and lykens.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free quotation.